WhatsApp now lets you send documents from the desktop to the mobile app version

WhatsApp now lets you send documents from the desktop to the mobile app version
It's been a while in the making, but with the introduction of the dedicated WhatsApp program for Mac and Windows, the world's most popular chat client has introduced document sharing from the desktop to the mobile app. Previously, you could attach and send PDF files from the mobile app, but now both PDFs and Office docs are a go. 

The desktop app has had this paper clip icon for a while, but you could only pack and send video clips or photos from the local gallery; click on it now, and it will let you attach office documents or personal document format files as well. WhatsApp has been introducing plenty of changes in the last few weeks, featuring text formatting, separate desktop app, and plenty of under-the-hood improvements - it's high time it catches up with its less popular, but more feature-rich brethren in the messaging scene, too.


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1. jove39

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It'd take a while for whatsapp to have feature parity with viber/skype/hangouts etc. While I like it's feature set, 2 more additions would make it great. Hangouts/Skype/Viber already have these feature. 1. voice calls to landline/mobile. 2. video calls.

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