What's your favorite material for a phone/tablet?


Smartphones and tablets come in all forms and sizes, but once it comes to building materials choice seems to boil down to different shades of plastic. Not only, though - every once in a while, a company would experiment with a different material: was it Apple with the glass iPhone 4 (and later, the metal iPhone 5), or Sony with its all-glass Xperia, or Motorola with its bold foray into the world of phones with a wooden back plate, we finally have some diversity in the materials used to build a phone.

What we are wondering is whether or not this is really all that important to you, and do you have any particular preference for a build material.

Let us start you with some reasons to pick the most proliferate one - plastic. First, plastic is so widely used because of how practical it is - it does not interfere with signal and you can have the maximum reception your phone modem allows no matter where and how you hold your phone. And with recent experiments with polycarbonate (a variation of plastic that’s also extremely flexible), we've seen that it can feel good to the touch as well, with that softer feel of handsets like the Galaxy S5, or the textured feeling you get from the Note 3.

Then, you have metal, most commonly aluminum. Often touted as a premium material, metal has the advantage of better dissipating heat, so that your phone can run at higher clock speeds for longer periods of time. What it’s not so good at, though, is interference, as it does interfere with signal.

Also, you have glass as an elegant, but bristle solution for a phone. The ever-green looks of something made out of glass certainly have a following, and the design of the Xperia Z1/Z2 devices is definitely appreciated by Sony’s fashion-conscious fans.

Finally, new materials like wood are also making their way, with first attempts of bringing them to the masses with the Moto X and the Moto Maker.

Which one of those do you prefer and why? Let us know right below.

What's your favorite material for a phone/tablet?

I don't care / I want something even more exotic like wood

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