What the 3G iPhone specs may look like

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What the 3G iPhone specs may look like
Rumors, rumors and only rumors … yeah, there’s no solid word on these either, but probably, they represent some of the changes the iPhone will experience, getting 3G. The announcement is expected to happen during the Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June, similar to what Walt said. Three may be three versions: 8GB at $399, 16GB at $499 and possibly a 32GB of 3G iPhone experience at $599.

Although no significant changes will be done to the UI, the new design should shave 2.5mm off the current thickness, resulting in a 9.1mm slim candybar – Great success! In addition, the rumors point out that some new materials would be used, for more high-end feeling.

For its 3G, the second-gen iPhone is expected to use the Infineon S-GOLD3H chipset, which has support for HSDPA 7.2Mbps. Additionally, it can be used with up to 5-megapixel camera modules, so we may see some improvement in this aspect. However, a really great camera is not likely to be integrated in the “music phone”.

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1. T-Money3000 unregistered

No matter what they do, the iPhone is STILL on an inferior network. Yea i said it. WHAT?!

2. TrueDis unregistered

Inferior to what...?

3. pmm122 unregistered

Verizon, Shmerizon...it's like beta and vhs - beta may have had better specs, but the world chose vhs. CMDA does have some better qualities to it, but the world chose GSM (over 85% of the world, to be exact). So deal with it! You can use AT&T in 85% of the world, and that also means more and better phones will be developed for GSM carriers. Deal with it, dude.

4. Trenen unregistered

Who cares if you can use something in 85% of the world when 99% of your life is spent in the same country...maybe even the same city and state? You have to go by what works best in YOUR land...and that, at this point, would be the Verizon CDMA network...especially when they launch their LTE spectrum they just purchased.

5. unregistered

intomobile: "...speeds up to 7.2Mbps (not in the US, sorry)."

6. George unregistered

Both VZW and AT&T have their pros and cons. AT&T is good for the world, like #4 said...that IS a good thing. Verizon has better customer service. They are tied on having the best phones. If you travel out of the country a lot, then get AT&T. If that doesn't worry you though, VZW would be fine. In the USA, they have about the same coverage area. It is hard to say one is better than the other when they are both so good, just in different ways. (I don't know why anyone would consider any other network...Sprint & T-Mobile both suck.)

7. T-Money3000 unregistered

Yes.. I hope we can all agree, Sprint and T-Mobile suck.

8. billy unregistered

@Trenen You're missing the point...not only will At&t's phones work in more places than CDMA phones, but device manufacturers will design more (and presumably better/more innovative) devices because they are selling to an overwhelmingly lagerer number of end users via GSM. Just a few more GSM advantages: 1)ability to simultaneously use both data/voice over a 3G connection 2)flexibility to utilize multiple devices using sim cards 3)CDMA phones are tied to the wireless carrier, i.e.no unlocking

9. matt unregistered

1. Verizon offers more phones now that are gsm./cdma hybrids that do both. 2. LTE is a gsm based 4g data network that Vodafone and VZW will launch simultaneously (speculation of course on launch times) so when you travel abroad you will actually be able to take advantage of 4g data speeds. ATT will not be able to do that. 3. VODAFONE is the number 1 wireless provider in the world with approx 230 million subscribers... who are they in partnership with... VZW not ATT. In less than 2 years AT&T will have to plan a new strategy for selling service other than works in the rest of the world. P.S. all you sales reps for VZW and AT&T shut up and get a life. We all get it that you are loyal to your companies quit trying to bash other people and write a comment with some level of intelligence please.

10. billy unregistered

@Matt Talk to me in 2011, because that is the year that your arguments will be relevant. and since you did not refute any of the 'unintelligent' facts that I provided about GSM vs CDMA you have conceded that GSM has a clear advantage over CDMA in the here_and_now. Funny how Verizon's bedfellow, in addition to being a foreign company (i.e. the money they make off you goes overseas), uses GSM in their phones on their home network. And FWIW, Vodaphone is NOT the #1 wireless provider in the world, China Mobile (another GSM carrier) is. If you wanna talk about 'but, but in the future' then you go right ahead, but don't try to defend CDMA as superior to GSM.

11. sinfulta unregistered

LTE is CDMA based. I'm not sure where you guys are getting this stuff from. CDMA is now covering almost 23% of major population around the world at present time. But let's not get things skewed. China Unicomm started building out CDMA, because the GSM network couldn't handle all the calls. That's why they sell so my hybrid CDMA/GSM handsets there now. Let's get it right people. CDMA was choose as the 4G Technology. Not that CDMA is huge world technology now, but in a 3-4 years, it won't even matter.

12. Thriller unregistered

Since everyone else is too busy blasting each other's networks, I will bring focus back to the fact the Apple sucks.

13. Sean unregistered

You guys bashing each other left and right is so funny because between the lines you all brought up several different facts that never repeated so I learned a lot about worldwide/future/other countries/phone capabilities while also reading what to me is comedic because you guys get so hot about it. And the last guy #12 was a great finisher considering his 'focus' was given with no basis as to why. Bravo to all keep it up

14. Mike unregistered

Sprint doesn't suck as much as T-Mobile, but in contrast to VZW and AT&T, there should be no choice of Sprint.

15. g unregistered

dont know anything

16. Anthony unregistered

What many of YOU Verizon fans don't know is that Verizon parent company Vodafone will be making a huge investment to switch over Verizon "so called GREAT CDMA" network into GSM and i wonder why??? Hmmmm. Can it be that GSM is a greater technology that CDMA is. Tootles.

17. Phone_Queen30 unregistered

WOW! How funny some of you are and i thought i had the market on getting personal when it comes to my phones! Look everyone I've been doing this many many moons and each of you have some very good points and some have no legs or knees to stand on. Truly if whatever net work your with is what makes you happy and suites your needs is where you should be. People spend why to much time trying to be right..when we should all just try to be happy and get along. LOL WOW NOW DONT I SOUND ALL Opra?

18. Sushi unregistered

Guys, please, cool it. Apple thinks they re-invented the phone, its like a new car manufacturer goes with the same concept and says he reinvented the car, and you see this kind of cars, running a 2 cycle engine over wooden wheels... come on! of and every year he develops it to a technology already old, and about to be off the shelves... hahahah good luck apple... Maybe they should re-invent the Apple tree itself... then Adam and Eve... hahahahaha

19. No Fanboy unregistered

I'm no fan of the fanboy and there are a few wireless fanboys here. Bottom line is the iPhone is hands down the best mobile phone for surfing the net and playing music. I had one and returned it b/c it did not do very basic things out of the box like MMS or video. As for networks... it depends on your market. I live in DC and recently switched to ATT from VZW and have been sorry since day 2 (the first day was fun b/c it was new). ATT drops calls on me all the time. I can't use it on the Metro underground, in my parking garage, or in the elevator like VZW. The network offers spotty coverage outside metro areas. But... they do have some great handsets and having a SIM is a convenient feature. Also, I just travelled to Boston and it worked fine up there. So it has to be your area. If ATT works for you, great. For me, I'm keeping my GSM phone in case I travel but I'm going back to VZW so I can complete a call for once.

20. RJ unregistered

my last phone was a k800 modded to look like a k810 and my new phone is an N95 8gb. Both amaziing phones, both not usuable on CDMA. Plus, I have heard and read about how Verizon locks features or has them completely taken out all together of their best available phones. I've had t-mobile for over a year now and not a single dropped call. Not one. Their internet is just a hair better then dial up, crap.

21. BLAH unregistered

who ever said vzw network was as big as att is silly. theres like 4 states in the north/northwest that dont have any coverage at all.

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