What is the most important smartphone feature to you?

What is the most important smartphone feature to you?
Nowadays, there are smartphones out there for everybody. We've got huge displays and stereo speakers for media consumption on the go, but we also have ones with smaller screens and compact bodies for those that just need a reliable phone that's not easy to drop. We've got devices with super-powerful hardware or handsets with extra-long battery life (sometimes these are not mutually exclusive). We've got ones with amazing cameras and ones that are tough and rugged, capable of withstanding a more active lifestyle.

Of course, a person's wants and needs will evolve throughout their life. The market itself evolves as the world starts hungering for one type of feature over another. It's still early in 2018 and most flagships are still at our doorstep, but we have no doubt we will be seeing some amazing tech before the year rolls out.

But what do you want to see most? Phones with gorgeous, huge displays, ones that can last a long time on a single charge, amazing cameras, super-robust processors, or just phones that can withstand a drop or two?

Now, don't get us wrong — these things are not mutually exclusive. We're just asking what's the one thing you can't do without?

What is the most important phone feature to you?

Big display
Long battery life
Great camera
Powerful hardware
Ruggedness and durability


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