What is the Samsung Transform heading for Sprint?

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What is the Samsung Transform heading for Sprint?
The SPH prefix on Samsung models usually indicates a handset that is heading to Sprint. Recently, the Korean manufacturer had its SPH-M920 approved by the FCC. Looking at an online cellular store, it would appear that the model is the Samsung Transform. With a name like that, we would imagine a device that can change shape, function and features. The last handset that offered modular components was the LG Versa for Verizon, and the reality never lived up to the potential when it came to that model.

At this stage, we have no idea what platform the phone will be running, or even if it is a smartphone. The SPH-M920 did receive Wi-Fi certification for 802.11b/g/n so the odds favor this being a smartphone of some sort. And when you think of a smartphone on Samsung, your mind just drifts over to Android. As for the transforming capabilities of the device, we will have to leave it to the imagination until more precise specs are revealed.

source: YourWirelessSource, Wi-FiAlliance



1. JBarajasp unregistered

m900 was the moment, m910 was the intercept, the m920 may be the next low-end android slider.... interesting

2. dc296gsr

Posts: 17; Member since: Nov 20, 2009

my corporate rep told me its replacing the Intercept but back to having similar specs as the Moment, that's all the info he could give me lol

9. jimmyjame unregistered

your corporate rep is a fuckin moron, like most indirect reps

3. scorpio85

Posts: 160; Member since: Jan 16, 2010

I hope its nothing like the Intercept, that phone blows.

4. oddmanout

Posts: 443; Member since: May 22, 2009

i was going to get my sister an epic but coughing up $350 upfront with $10/month premium charges added along is pretty expensive. i currently have an evo which is already enough as it is even with my monthly discounts... sprint needs to start launching some spec friendly 3G data focused phones to fit their 69.99 everything data plan and not just 4G. Don't get me wrong sprint has some "okay" devices in their non-3G lineup but their nothing special now-a-days. I was thinking about referring my sister to the intercept but that phone is a problem waiting to happen. Hopefully this will spice up sprints 3G lineup for those not looking for 4G data and more practical plan pricing. Sprints 4G phones are almost incomparable to any other networks 3G phones but when you compare sprints 3G lineup to any other carrier lineup sprint phones don't stand a chance. I know their more focused on their new 4G network but they shouldnt get too attached seeing they have a very strong and reliable 3G network backing them up as well... and besides once LTE rolls out wimax will look like dial up compared to real 4G.

5. dahaka17

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2010

LTE is NOT real 4g the only thing that could be considered real 4g is WIMAX 2

6. Sellcell

Posts: 118; Member since: Mar 16, 2010

odddmanout, get your shit straight. Do you even know the differences between LTE and Wimax? Also you must have ment "non-4g lineup." And really, your going to complain about having to pay an extra $10 a month for a kick ass phone that is better then any other phone on the market today. Even with the extra $10 a month, it's still a better value than any other carriers pricing. You know that you prob spend more money on more useless things a month, so what is an extra $10 a month, 2 beers at bar? Sprint concentrates on putting 4G phones out now because they're looking ahead, not staying in the past with slow 3G speeds. So do yourself and your sister favor and get the 4G phones.

7. 2lazy2login unregistered

No... sprint is pushing 4g phones now becuase they are hoping to entice the masses that don't know any better that automatically assume 4g equals fast, even in markets where sprint doesn't have 4g service yet. Sprint is pushing 4G now becuase VZW is pushing 4g soon, and at launch is expected to have a larger 4g footprint than sprint, and in order to attract new people 4g via the Epic and Evo is keeping them in the green and out of the red (where they have been for the past 3 years). Don't get me wrong, the Evo and Epic are sweet-ass phones, and sprints plans are dirt cheap. But you get what you pay for when it comes to service. So if you want a 4G phone now, by all means get the Epic or the Evo, they are great devices!!!! Just don't complain about your service later becuase you knew in advnace what you are buying into.

8. sav1234543 unregistered

I think that Sprint has one of the best customer service out there. I have a store i always go to and they blow me away with their service, any sprint store i've ever gone to is like that. A friend of mine has Verizon and his phone was broken and they had the worst customer service, I've never been so mad and it wasn't even my phone. But i think Sprint is awesome, and i'd never change!

10. Sprint Rep unregistered

you rock.. i love the comments

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