What happens to the HTC Desire EYE when an elephant steps on it?

What happens to the HTC Desire EYE when an elephant steps on it?
The HTC Desire EYE was released by HTC as a camera-centric phone for those who like HTC handsets in general, but were not pleased with the 4MP Ultrapixel rear camera on the HTC One (M8). A 13MP camera adorns the back of the handset and a "super selfie" 13MP snapper is found upfront. The handset is stuffed with the HTC Eye Experience, which comes with features like Face Fusion, Screen Share, Face Tracking and more.

At the Eram Zoo in Tehran, a drop test was conducted on the HTC Desire EYE; as drop tests go, it really wasn't anything you haven't seen before. The phone was dropped on its back a couple of times and held up pretty well. But the very first time the phone was dropped face first, the screen cracked. Ouch!

But just when you thought that you've seen it all, the HTC Desire EYE was given the ultimate torture test. A elephant (named Mr. Elephant if you read the subtitles), put his foot down right on the back of the Desire EYE. First, a front leg stomps on the device, followed by a back leg. How did the phone make out? It was still able to snap a selfie, and outside of a few dead pixels and the cracked screen from the previous drop, it apparently was working fine. Of course, it did help that the elephant was walking on a muddy surface instead of asphalt or concrete.

Click on the video below and you can check out this HTC Desire EYE drop test that starts out like any other drop test, but ends up with an unusual twist.

source: Digiato (translated) via Yahoo!
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