We have some 90 smartphones in front of us, ask us anything about them!

For nearly 15 years now, PhoneArena has been one of the web's most recognizable mobile tech venues. As far as web sites go, that's a pretty long stretch. In that times, the various members of the team—some past, others still present—have brought, and will continue to bring, more news pieces, reviews, and articles than we care to count. We honestly wouldn't even risk querying our database lest it halts and catches fire. In any case, and as you can imagine, during all these years, hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of phones have passed through our halls for a closer inspection.

Undeniably, one of the significant perks of working at PhoneArena is having early access to the hottest smartphones on the planet. The official company policy towards these is very liberal, meaning that colleagues are not only allowed, but encouraged to use them as their own. A neat job benefit? Sure, but also a prerequisite to informed opinions. And while we can't claim to have laid a finger on each and every smartphone ever made, we're probably as close as anyone. This helps paint the bigger picture, instead of looking at devices in a vacuum.

Most of the phones that have visited our offices are long gone. Gifted, broken, out of fashion and ditched, or just sold, they've passed onto the Nether. Regardless, we still have enough devices to supply a small shop, or alternatively—build an awesome fort. According to our latest count, our inventory numbers over 90 different devices available at our head office—some of them in number. Why care to make this public? Well, because we thought it'd be fun to hold a sort of Reddit-style AMАA (Ask Me Almost Anything) as a one-off experiment, and answer as many questions as you may have about any one of them.

Obviously, it goes without saying that requests to somehow damage the devices will be left ignored. Instead, try and think of questions that aren't a Google search away, and that won't require an unreasonable amount of man hours for us to address, and we'll be happy to get back to you!

Here's the list:

iPhone 6sGalaxy S7G5One M9+Nexus 6PXperia Z5
iPhone 6s PlusGalaxy S7 edgeV10One M8Nexus 5XXperia Z5 Premium
iPhone 6Galaxy Note 5G4One M7Nexus 6PXperia Z3
iPhone 6 PlusGalaxy S6 edge+G3One MiniNexus 5Xperia Z1
iPhone 5sGalaxy S6 edgeG2Desire 510Nexus 4
iPhone 5Galaxy S5L70Desire 500
iPhone 5cGalaxy Note 4
iPhone 4sGalaxy Note Edge
iPhone 4sGalaxy K Zoom
Galaxy S3 Mini
Galaxy S1
Lumia 950Moto G 2nd GenP8OneClassicRobin
Lumia 920Mate S2Passport
Lumia 735Mate 7X
Lumia 635Honor 7
Lumia 630Ascend P7
Lumia 520Ascend G700
ZenFone 2OneTouch Hero 2Liquid Jade SPure XLRedmi Note 3 ProPRO 5
OneTouch Idol AlphaLiquid S1Vivo XLMi 4im2 Note
OneTouch Pop C1Liquid S2Redmi Note 2m2
Mi 3MX5
Find 7X5 ProAxon miniVowneyZ9Zero
R7 PlusP9000
R7 Plus


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