Watch video as Verizon allows those affected by the storm to stay in touch

Watch video as Verizon allows those affected by the storm to stay in touch
Verizon has released the latest update on how things are progressing in the Northeast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The carrier has crews working around the clock in the hardest hit areas of New York and New Jersey although there was a set back on Saturday with ConEd. The electric utility has pushed back its estimate and is now expecting restoration of commercial power in lower Manhattan by next Friday. Without power, Verizon is unable to fully reopen some facilities that would allow the carrier to restore service to hard hit businesses in the area. Even though having back-up power helps Verizon restore some services, the damaged equipment still must be repaired. Verizon has produced a video showing how their crews are working to get service back to customers.

Another video shows the mobile trucks that Verizon has sent into the area to allow those without cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate to family and friends. Verizon says it will replace for free, any equipment damaged by Hurricane Sandy which we would imagine would include smartphones. Verizon Wireless stores in the affected regions have stayed open to allow users to charge their phones or tablets. Verizon has rolled its Store on Wheels into New York and New Jersey also to help people recharge their mobile devices. Everyday, things get a little better and hopefully the carrier will be back to full strength soon.

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Of course, Verizon was the only carrier not in a total eclipse during and after Hurricane Sandy and, now, they're leading by example. All I have to say is, if you were lucky enough to be a Verizon subscriber through all of this then you are undoubtedly one of the lucky ones and, if you were not now is a good time to switch. I know for a fact T-Mobile was in a total blackout south of East 30th Street and it's network had severe problems as early as Monday night as soon as Lower Manhattan went black. Sprint was off-line in spots. AT&T, well, all of their subscribers were in various Starbucks north of 42nd Street using iWiFi.

8. Non_Sequitur

Posts: 1111; Member since: Mar 16, 2012

I'm still not buying the Note 2 because of their crappy home button. Gonna get an unlocked Nexus phone with a T-Mo SIM card, eventually.


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That's quite alright, you'll be without service like my Mom and brother the next time another hurricane roll through.

10. Non_Sequitur

Posts: 1111; Member since: Mar 16, 2012

I'm fine with that. :> Tmo is cheaper, faster than AT&T, and every Tmo employee I've ever met has been really awesome, whereas most of the VZW employees I've met were... not.

2. lsutigers

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All carriers had issues after Sandy. I think the big 4 all do this, I know Sprint Nextel has been doing this for years also with law enforcement, insurance adjusters, utilities and other first responders by providing cell service and emergency satellite equipment after storms and other disasters. Good job VZW.

7. Motatrola

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Verizon finally gets a decent article and you try to steal their thunder by gloating Sprint and Nextel utility law insurance blah blah blah, really? "All carriers had issues after Sandy," really? Thx for the update. And you "think the big 4 all do this," so your not sure then? Sounds like a troll might be upset that they don't have Verizon...

11. lsutigers

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Wow, take it easy buddy. I said good job VZW, I'm just stating that other carriers do this as well and have been at it longer. Not trying to steal their thunder at all. Don't be such a hardcore fanboy and take it so personal...and by the way I do have Verizon as my personal phone and Sprint as my work phone and they are both very good. There, I thumbed you up.

3. TheMan

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Agreed. Great job. This is both Verizon's and AT&T's back yard. Yet only one was present in a big way. I'm generally skeptical about such things, but Verizon has shown which is the better corporate citizen.

4. MorePhonesThanNeeded

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They are still jerks, but they can do nice things when they need to. Still find them to be a bit underhanded though. Ah well, where's AT&T in this, what about Sprint or T Mobile? Interestingly my cell phone went down to 1x RTT the day after the storm and then back to full 3G two days after that. They rerouted stuff quickly, guess that it pays to own a lot of towers in the area and have roaming agreements with everyone and their mom.

5. Wildmanfan

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This video is bulls**t. After the hurricane on tuesday till late night thursday going into friday morning, Verizon was the only cell phone provider that DID NOT have service. They did not apologize to their customers or compensate them for no service. I live in Queens, NY and survived the hurricane. Don't buy into the hype here.

6. Motatrola

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Verizon is taking over the world!

12. Wildmanfan

Posts: 238; Member since: Jul 15, 2010

whoever thumb down my comment is a jerkoff douchebag piece of s**t.

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