Watch the Xiaomi Mi 6 survive the blade and flame in this torture test

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is a sleek device, no two ways about it. Its shiny glass back curves on all four sides, smoothly fusing into the aluminum frame that lines the phone, not only contributing to its premium looks, but also accommodating for a better grip. But what happens when the Mi 6 gets burned, and bent, and scratched all over?

Our favorite YouTube tech torturer, Zach of JerryRig fame, has run the phone through his usual torture routine, and from what we've seen, it seems like Xiaomi has stepped up its game since last year's Mi 5.

Mi 6's display scores well on the initial scratch test, being on par with the major flagships, which means that tossing it in your pocket along with some change and keys will likely not damage the display.

The fingerprint scanner is also quite resistant to scratching, as it is hidden beneath the same glass the covers the phone's screen. Same goes for the front-facing camera.

The back of the Mi 6 also comes off as durable  although the unit used in the test is not the ceramic version of the handset, which should be even better at fending off scratches and dents.

And finally, for the Bend Test™! The Xiaomi Mi 6 doesn't give in to pressure applied on either side and seemingly survives this trial without being structurally compromised.

What's next? The Mi 6 with a clear back? We sure hope so!


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Quite impressive for a Chinese device. Xiaomi has really stepped up their build quality game. Now if only they had the software to match it...

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