Warranty replacements reportedly on hold for the T-Mobile G2x until Gingerbread update

Warranty replacements reportedly on hold for the T-Mobile G2x until Gingerbread update
Remember all of the promise that the T-Mobile G2x had shown before it was offered by a U.S. carrier? As the LG Optimus 2X, YouTube videos showed the browser on the dual-core handset beating the competition in the time it takes to render a site. As we reported, the phone managed to catch quite a buzz before coming to the States. How did things go so wrong? Sure, T-Mobile had to raise the price of the phone by $50 to quash the heavy demand that was allegedly keeping the model out of stock. And in May, the phone was taken off T-Mobile's online site and has not returned amid stories of multiple problems with the handset.

Anonymous T-Mobile customers have tipped Android Community with the news that the carrier will no longer issue a replacement G2x unit in exchange for a bug laden model suffering from the currently known problems. This policy is expected to last until the T-Mobile G2x receives the Android 2.3 update, whenever that happens. The tipsters also say that T-Mobile is suggesting that those with a problem G2x exchange it for the T-Mobile myTouch 4G. Most would not consider that to be an even exchange.

Hopefully, T-Mobile can get the Gingerbread update out for the phone, and at the same time, kill off the bugs that have caused the recent rash of reboots and crashes that have marred the performance of the G2x and help the device fulfill the promise that is showed prior to its U.S. launch.

source: AndroidCommunity

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1. derp unregistered

Umm...those are the same issues that pretty much all android devices suffer from. Especially Motorola phones. Nothing more awesome than opening 3 different phones of the same model in a store and all having power cycling issues within minutes of powering on for the first time. Way to go Motorola Droid 2! Thats quality right there.

2. matty1323 unregistered

Why would anyone who went out into the dual core market for the LG take a mt4g as a replacement and not a sensation!?!

3. odemata unregistered

I have one and I'm tired of resting the phone. I can't wait for this supposed update. This phone, though I like it, has been a frustrating to own. I was thinking about going for the htc jump off that just came out but since the rumors of another nexus I think i'll wait. Lesson learned here folks, don't buy a phone at launch. wait at least 3 months

4. fatleoz unregistered

wait 3months? why pay for tech that's 3months old?

5. jay unregistered

I love my G2x have it rooted and bloatware removed. It performs so well that no other phone out in the market can beat its performance. Battery is fantastic and runs like a beast, never slows down. For those that are having issues gingerbread shall help but please root and remove bloatware and you also shall see what I'm talking about..

6. geovanny unregistered

yo tenia el lg g2x y lo cambie por el htc sensation y me da un problema con la pantalla se frisa bastante y tiene mucho problema

7. geovanny unregistered

I had the lg G2X and change the htc sensation and gives me a problem with the screen frieze is enough and too much trouble

8. AwesomeMiz

Posts: 15; Member since: Jul 05, 2011

Lol, this is why you get an iPhone. Least you want have to worry about Android acting buggy as usual.

9. derp unregistered

exactly. +1

11. NOTiPhone Fanboy but... unregistered

Can't tell you how upset we are with this crap phone. Waited all this time for a dual core phone when I should have waited for the unlocked iPhone and bought that new. I had unlocked 2 iPhone 3g's for my wife but had issues with text messages so decided on this crap going forward. Not only does it crash but ours has trouble playing video back and the blue tooth does not work all the time. I hope Android can me a run here but after this experience, its pushing me to what I consider the dark side.

12. alex unregistered

can i update my g2x to gingerbread............after rooting

13. zachalak unregistered

yes you can update to gingerbread after rooting. just use the cyanogenmod7.http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/LG_Optimus_2X

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