Want a black official Apple Lightning cable to match your Jet Black iPhone 7? It's going to cost you

Ever since you purchased your Jet Black Apple iPhone 7, you've been looking for an official black Lightning cable to match the color of your handset. Unfortunately, Apple did not make a black Lightning cable until just now. But if you're thinking about ordering this cable from the online or brick and mortar Apple Store, you might want to think again. The black lightning cable is only available with the new Apple iMac Pro which launches tomorrow.

This means that at this point, it will cost you no less than $4,999 for an official black Lightning cable. Most likely, you are not going to want to spend that kind of money just to color coordinate your iPhone 7 with its charging cable. Now, you can go out and purchase a third party cable in black. There's been a wide variety of such cables, so you have plenty of choice at different prices, but if you are committed to sticking with official Apple accessories this one is not yet sold separately.

Perhaps one day Apple will offer a black Lightning cable as a regular accessory at a reasonable price. If your dream is to match the color of your Jet Black iPhone 7 with the latter's charging cable, you can spend all of that money for an iMac Pro, or perhaps you need to obsess over a new dream.

source: MKBHD via RedmondPie

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