WSJ: Apple to focus on quality of iOS 12 at WWDC

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According to the Wall Street Journal, since last September when iOS 11 was rolled out, there have been 14 software updates from Apple that fixed 67 problems with the operating system. For Apple iPhone and Apple iPad users, that is a disappointing 46% increase from the 46 issues that cropped up with iOS 10 during the same period last year. Some experts wonder if the problems with iOS will damage Apple's reputation for delivering quality devices. At the same time, the increasing complexity of the iPhone appears to be making demands on iOS that Apple can't seem to meet.

Apple has already decided to delay new features for the latest build of its mobile operating system that it was going to announce tomorrow. Monday kicks off the 2018 WWDC developers conference, and iOS 12 is expected to be unveiled. Putting off the new features was done so that Apple could first improve the quality of iOS before trying to squeeze more features into the software.

One problem is the sheer number of devices that Apple sells. There are now 40 such Apple products available, 33% more than Apple offered five years ago. This requires the company to add code to make sure that each device runs smoothly with the latest version of its operating system. Moor Insights & Strategy's tech analyst Patrick Moorhead says the code "just gets so big it becomes unwieldy, and that’s what’s happening at Apple."

Some of the bugs that affected iOS 11 last year was one that showed a strange "A [?]" symbol on the display to whenever a user typed the word "I" (check out the video at the top of this story).   Another issue discovered just weeks later, would flag the word "IT" and replace it with "I.T". The same error occurred to those typing the word "IS", which came out as I.S thanks to a buggy iOS 11 auto-correct. Another notable bug was one that Apple inadvertently promoted itself. In a television commercial for Face ID on the Apple iPhone X, the text from an iMessage was displayed outside of the bubble that is supposed to enclose it. Apple corrected the ad, but not before many consumers spotted it. Apple edited the ad first before making the necessary changes to the software.

With WWDC 2018 kicking off tomorrow, June 4th, check in with us throughout the day for the latest news coming out of the developers conference. For a preview of what to expect, click here.

source: WSJ

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