WLPPR is a no-bullshit, high-quality-wallpaper-only app for iPhone and iPad


We don't know about you, but many people around at our office are on a constant look-out for the best wallpaper out there. Sure, you can argue that such a thing as a 'best' wallpaper does not even exist, but fact is that there is something magical, something soothing about having a high-quality wallpaper on your phone.

Phone companies don't make it very easy on us, too. Apple's iPhone in particular comes with some great-looking wall art, but the selection is very scarce and you quickly get tired of them.

Start looking for some variety and you bump into a stream of annoying ad-supported apps, copyright images and a ton of low-quality wallpaper art.

After searching hi and lo, though, we think we've finally found it: the ideal wallpaper app.

And we suggest you check it out as well: the app name is WLPPR, it's free to try and it's a relative new-comer to the App Store. And it's fantastic.

While you may not like all the wallpapers out there, you can't argue with one thing: they are all of superb quality and come with the very neat option of a second, blurred version that would distract you less. (It reminds us a bit of Android's excellent Musei wallpaper app)

So how does WLPPR work? You get to unlock one wallpaper pack (consisting of a few dozen images) for free by just spreading out news about the app on Facebook or Twitter, and you pay $1 per additional pack, or $4 for all the packs. We think it's a great deal, given the amazing quality of the included wallpapers. Let us know what is your favorite pack, we've started with Mars.

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