Virus that can jump from a PC to PDA revealed

The Mobile Antivirus Researchers Association unveiled that they have been sent anonymously a virus that can leap from a Windows desktop computer to a Windows Mobile-based PDA, after infecting it. This malicious software, called Crossover, checks what type of machine it is running on when executed and jumps to the handsets via Microsoft's ActiveSync synchronization software as soon as it detects a connection. Once on the handheld device it erases all the files in the "My Documents" folder and copy itself to the startup folder. As refers to the the Windows PC, this malware impairs its performance as it re-creates itself each time the PC is started. Fortunately, according to the association, the Crossover is a proof-of-concept bug, it is not released and doesn't represent an actual risk for the users.

One of the first cases of virus that could jump from one device to another, was the Trojan horse, found by Security firm F-Secure last September, which attempts to spread from smart phones to users' PCs.




Source: C/NET




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