Video shows off Samsung Galaxy S III gestures

Video shows off Samsung Galaxy S III gestures
The Samsung Galaxy S III had a pretty impressive unveiling last week, and showed off quite a number of pretty nice features. It also showed off a few less than impressive features, but so it goes. Now, we're getting video showing off a few phone gestures that we hadn't known about before. There are three gestures shown in the video, but we definitely like the idea and would love to see more.

The first gesture could be useful, but it didn't really work so well. By waving your hand across the screen, the phone will take a screenshot. Interestingly, although this gesture didn't work the first couple times, it did make the screen slide, so there could very well be touch-free gestures for navigation available as well. The second gesture shown is by far the most useful of the bunch. The video shows that if you are scrolling down a long list of items, like your Twitter feed perhaps, a quick double-tap on the top edge of the phone will return you to the top of the list. Scrolling on Android can be pretty fast, but the simple double-tap seems like a great solution. And, last was a gesture whereby placing your hand over the device will pause video that you're watching, including video in pop-up mode. 

Definitely nice to see Samsung thinking out of the box with gesture controls. 

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