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Video shows how to take apart your HTC ThunderBolt in time of need

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Video shows how to take apart your HTC ThunderBolt in time of need
Suppose the screen on your uninsured HTC ThunderBolt was damaged and your warranty had expired. Completely out of options, you might try to disassemble the device and replace the screen yourself. To do that requires that you follow the steps in the video below, which was produced by the pros at DirectFix.com. The video shows how you can take your phone apart to replace the display or to repair just about any defective part.

The reason why you need to be out of options before starting a do-it-yourself repair job is that opening up your HTC ThunderBolt will void the warranty on the LTE enabled smartphone. As long as you have the warranty in effect, or even if Verizon will exchange your broken handset for a CLNR model, there is no reason to attempt this.

Since the warranty on the HTC ThunderBolt still has some months to go, why not file this video somewhere where you can access it if the situation ever arises. And again, opening up your device should only be done as a last ditch effort.

source: YouTube (DirectFix) via AndroidandMe

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