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Video reveals the HTC Click is coming without Sense UI

Video reveals the HTC Click is coming without Sense UI
Several brand new and intriguing Android-based handsets have rolled out recently, such as the HTC Hero and Samsung Galaxy, but the market demand for a more affordable Android device that would appeal to the broad public has been growing steadily. Probably, the HTC Click will be just that. The handset has already caused some tongues to wag, but we hadn´t seen it action before the video appeared. Thanks to its creators, the Tihn Te website, we know more about the much anticipated device.

The HTC Click will feature smaller display than the Magic, probably 3 or even 2-inch one. The overall design is pretty appealing, although we tend to the think the owner himself is responsible for the finer pattern details visible on the back panel. The video reveals the software version is 1.50.999.0 and that the Click will come equipped with a 3.5mm jack. Unfortunately, it won´t be running Sense UI, but the standard Android interface that we know well from the Magic and G1. The interesting things is that the Magic that the Click gets compared to in the video footage runs the HTC´s personalized interface. We hope that the affordable handset will be able to run Sense, so people could later install it if they feel like it. We think this might turn out to be the case indeed, because the new ROM for the Hero does arouse our hopes, because it´s been developed to fix and optimize the initial Sense version and make it run more smoothly without the need of snappier hardware. Perhaps the Click will be capable of running the updated version? Fingers crossed.

The HTC Click Preliminary Specifications

source: Thin Te via EngadgetMobile

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