Verizon's Visible wireless service no longer requires an invite to join, only an Apple iPhone

Verizon's Visible wireless service no longer requires an invite to join, only an Apple iPhone
Back in May, we told you about a new wireless company from Verizon called Visible. For $40 a month, subscribers could get unlimited talk, text and data. There are some caveats. For example, download data speed peaks at 5Mbps (compared with the 31.8Mbps speed that Verizon's own LTE service is providing in South Florida, according to Videos are shown in 480p (DVD) resolution, but there is no monthly data cap and of course, no contract to sign.

Back then, the only way to become a subscriber to Visible was to receive an invitation from a current subscriber. But today, we are happy to tell you that this is no longer necessary. Instead, all you need to have is an Apple iPhone 5s or later in order to subscribe. The Visible app, which subscribers need to install on their iPhone, is only listed on the App Store for now. Verizon says that eventually it will offer service to Android owners.

If you prefer live customer service over the phone, you are not going to get it here. Live chat, texts and social media are used to connect customers to help they need. Once you subscribe, Visible will send a SIM card in the mail. After you insert it into your iPhone, everything about the account is handled through the Visible app. You can install the app on your iPhone by clicking on this link.

And you can visit the Visible website by tapping on the sourceink below.

source: Visible


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