Verizon’s 3G is the fastest, while AT&T's one is the slowest, says Wired

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Verizon’s 3G is the fastest, while AT&T's one is the slowest, says Wired
Wired has conducted a test to measure the 3G performance of the four largest U.S. carriers - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile involving more than 15,000 users, with about 12,000 of all who signed up found to have taken a valid participation. It turns out Verizon subscribers (represented by 856 testers) are enjoying the fastest network service at the time being, with an average download speed of about 1,940 Kbps. T-Mobile’s network came out second with an average rate of 1,793 Kbps, according to the data, acquired from 1,189 users. Sprint was third with 1,598 Kbps, based on the results of 1,570 users, while the 8,153 АТ&Т testers enjoyed an average speed of 901 Kbps.

Wired also informs, however, that certain things might have lead to inaccurate results. For example, the significantly larger number of AT&T test takers may have lowered the download speed and it´s also possible that a certain number of people cheated the test by, for example, running it via Wi-Fi. Finally, another important consideration is the performance of each phone in terms of processing power and amount of RAM.

source: Wired


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