Verizon to launch limited-time $55 plan with 5GB of data on January 24


Big Red has done some usage analysis and concluded that most of its customer base doesn't use more than 5GB of data per month but has to pay extra for data that never gets used. So it cooked up a new plan that may be just right for anyone who has trouble fitting into a 4GB data plan but doesn't end up using over 5GB of data per month.

From January 24, Verizon will offer 5GB of traffic plus unlimited talk and text for $60. That's a $40 promo 5GB plan access fee plus $20 line access fee, and if you pay bills with the carrier's Auto Pay payment program, you'll get a $5 discount and pay $55.

If the 4GB for $50 plan is too little and the $70 8GB plan is too much, the new plan might be the comfortable middle ground you're asking for. There's plenty of time to think about that before Verizon's offer goes live next Tuesday.


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