Verizon to launch its own Samsung Ubicell device

Verizon to launch its own Samsung Ubicell device
Not to be shown up by Sprint's AIRAVE, Verizon Wireless plans to launch its own version of the relatively popular device, according to a filing with the FCC. Customers that are irritated with "The Network's" coverage in their area (writer included) will most likely be pleased with the Samsung product. To give a brief description of the product, it works essentially as a "mini-tower," giving the user the advantage of having the equivalent of a small cell site in their home. It will support both 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands, and will offer handoffs to and from Verizon cell sites. Just like the other Ubicell available for purchase with Sprint, the Verizon version will work anywhere in the United States, as long as there is a broadband connection available. So, carry it during your travels, but be advised that the GPS lock will ensure that you're using it in the United States.

Source: FCC Website via CellPhoneSignal and Engadget Mobile



1. Mike44554 unregistered

This is awesome! Finally a solution for the people with no signal in their house!!!!

29. unregistered

...Because we all know that Verizon has shitty service and you would need one of these in your home... way to follow suit VZW, you suck! "I'm a VZW Fanboy, but my cell service is crap and I would never admit it. So I will rush off to get a Ubicell to make it all better..." Your Ubicell doesn't make up for how crappy your network is.

2. unregistered

I'm wondering what the reasoning is for GPS locking it to the USA. Is there some kind of spectrum law, or legal reason for this? I can't imagine VZW did this just for fun, you would think they would WANT it to work outside USA, considering you would still be using your minutes....

5. unregistered

like sprints, if someone signs up for the unlimited calling option, they can take it with them overseas, and make unlimited calls from china for x dollars a month. that is illegal, since verizon doesnt own spectrum or offer phone service in every other country.

15. unregistered

That is correct. Can you imagine how many people would take this thing abroad and have unlimited calling with no roaming charges?

3. unregistered

Why are they bothering with this? I just saw a commercial that said Verizon doesn't have dead zones. There must be some mistake. I mean, it's "The Network"!

12. unregistered

yeah, good point but no carrier on earth has 100% coverage everywhere. I used to live in a small town and Verizon being the biggest carrier serving the area still didn't have great coverage, mainly cuz of the mountains.

14. unregistered

no commercial ever aired by verizon says no dead zones or no drop calls or perfect coverage in the us........yet. if you actually paid attention to the commercials it is stating how they have BETTER service then others. Verizon is not perfect......yet.....but they keep on investing the largest amount of money towards that goal.....and by 2012 we will be perfect. 2012- Perfection.

17. unregistered

The commercials may not but the fanboys sure do act as if it works every were in the US. I remember when Sprint launched theirs all the little VZW fanboys said Sprint needed it since their service is sooo horrible. I wonder where those same people are today??

19. unregistered

They are all getting together trying to make on big come back attack.

20. unregistered

Wow, man. Ya gotta love the VZW sheep. If only just for the entertainment value of the crap they spout. Of course the commercial don't state that Verizon has no dead spots. That would be a flat out lie. They wouldn't want to be sued. But they sure do imply that they don't.

30. Can_U_Hear_Me_Now unregistered

No service works 100% in the mountains. From experience out in the mid west the Sprint doesn't work in the mountains either.

4. unregistered

where are all the vzw guys that said that vzw didnt need this... and they were complaining that sprint charged for their airave, and the cust still needed their own broadband connection... well, looks like vzw is following suit... its awesome how a "no dead zone" company is doing this... but seriously, its nice to see vzw offering this... its just sad how all the vzw fanboys (not singling out the actual "vzw fanboy") bash products and companies, when verizon is doing the exact same thing...

6. unregistered

in my house the phone works, just not that great. not a dead zone, more like a 'dial-up internet zone'. i think this would be cool, and as far as the gps lock, think about it. go to europe, plug into broadband connection, and have vzw cdma there. that would be too good, and how to bill it would be a nightmare.

7. unregistered

does this act like a "hot spot"? Are you using the wi-fi connection to make your calls? If so, are you being billed for those minutes?

9. unregistered

No and no. If it works like Sprint's, it pretty much makes a mini cell tower in your home. Because of this, you don't need a WiFi capable handset like T-Mobile.

8. 1st timer poster unregistered

Bottomline there is no such thing as perfect cellular service, its impossible to exist no matter whose netwrk. But you can have better service than others. If all yall would get off of each others azz'es....maybe read up on technology...there would be a better understanding. Inside office buildings will be dead spots or no coverage dut to its INSIDE A BUILDING, BEHIND CONCRETE, ELECTRONIC OBSTRUCTIONS OF SIGNAL ETC...... no matter whose netwrk we talkin bout, but who has the most towers and coverage will give u the best service where u are, period. This device fills in the gaps in your home. An example for you i have 2 friends that live across the street and around the corner from a military base. Both have excellent svc until they get to that block where base is...then it goes out. Blame the netwrk....ummmm no, ALL THE WHATEVERS/SIGNALS INTERUPTIONS, RADAR ETC... coming from base messes with signal unless you happen to have a cell tower in neighborhood. In that case signal so strong that lessening of it coming from base is negligible.

10. unregistered

I for one am pretty excited about getting something like this. I usually have pretty good coverage with Verizon. But at home and work my coverage is unreliable. Any idea about the cost of the device/monthly fees/unlimited calling?

11. unregistered

I dunno, but it my coverage at home AND work was unreliable, I would be looking at switching carriers. Chances are that two of these devices would cost about as much as your ETF, and that's BEFORE you factor in the monthly charges. Do any other carriers have reliable service near you?

16. unregistered

Well US Cellular has tower in the back yard but I don't really consider them an option since they don't offer any sort of 3G service or a phone that's newer than 2 years old. And nobody offers coverage that works at work. It's basically a lead/concrete basement/bomb shelter. Don't get me wrong I can make a call at home. But sometimes it cuts out; since I live on the top of a hill. Usually I can make calls but sometimes things cut out. It'd just be nice to have something in the house to give me 5 bars. As for work I can go upstairs and I have 2-3 bars of coverage. Also to switch carriers I'd need like 2000 minutes on another plan. Since 90% of everyone I know has Verizon.

13. BR unregistered

They have GPS built in. If you are not in Verizon's coverage area (Europe & Asia) it will not work.

18. unregistered

I love how the Sprint Fanboys don't have to stoop to VZW fanboy's and jump in here and start bashing. Just shows the level of maturity one group has over the others. I am also curious how much it's going to cost. Mind you I don't have VZW, but are they going to market it in competition with the Airave? VZW seems to charge more for what ever they offer.

21. unregistered

My estimate is that the service won't cost any more than sprint's to use the device, but i bet the device will cost more to purchase. I bet vzw won't make you extend your contract or anything, just buy it full retail. I am guessing like $250-300.

22. unregistered

Well this wont be out until the first have of next year some time at the soonest so it guess it will have to be a wait and see for the price.

23. unregistered

what else are they going to copy from sprint...?

24. unregistered

Surely not there Customer base, coverage area & definetly not their Customer Service!!!

25. unregistered

My question: Is this thing EVDO? I know Sprints Femtocell unit is only capable of 2G data rates- which is ridiculous. I don't need a signal booster for Voice coverage in my area, but I don't get any EV in 1/2 my house and get stuck on their 1X service- which totally sucks when I'm trying to catch up on The Office on my Vcast. Any info here?

27. unregistered

If you are in your house and have broadband to use this thing why the hell are you watching The Office on Vcast? If they don't offer it on the networks website to watch for free then you can surely download it. Why limit yourself to a 2-3 inch screen?

26. unregistered

does this support evdo?

28. unregistered

I have learned that the initial VZW femto launch will not support EV-DO coverage, but that second-generation femto sites will support the faster data speeds.

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