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Verizon to launch its own Samsung Ubicell device

Verizon to launch its own Samsung Ubicell signal booster
Not to be shown up by Sprint's AIRAVE, Verizon Wireless plans to launch its own version of the relatively popular device, according to a filing with the FCC. Customers that are irritated with "The Network's" coverage in their area (writer included) will most likely be pleased with the Samsung product. To give a brief description of the product, it works essentially as a "mini-tower," giving the user the advantage of having the equivalent of a small cell site in their home. It will support both 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands, and will offer handoffs to and from Verizon cell sites. Just like the other Ubicell available for purchase with Sprint, the Verizon version will work anywhere in the United States, as long as there is a broadband connection available. So, carry it during your travels, but be advised that the GPS lock will ensure that you're using it in the United States.

Source: FCC Website via CellPhoneSignal and Engadget Mobile

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