Verizon releases the Motorola XOOM whilst subsidizing the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Verizon releases the Motorola XOOM whilst subsidizing the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab
While you were sleeping, Verizon released their newest Tablet, the Motorola XOOM for sale on their web site for $799.99 full retail, though it can be had for $599.99 with a 2-year data agreement, which ranges from $20/month for 1GB up to $80/month for 10GB. Of course, the main feature of the XOOM is the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, 10.1" TFT display with 1280x800 resolution, dual-core 1GHz processor, 5MP autofocus rear camera, 2MP front webcam, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 32GB of internal memory, and a microSDHC memory card slot.

What's also interesting is that Verizon has started subsidizing the price of their Samsung Galaxy Tab as well. You may recall when it was introduced last November, it was a pricey $599.99. A little while later, Best Buy doped it down to $499.99, and eventually Verizon did the same thing. Now with the Motorola XOOM out, Verizon has decided to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 2-year contract price of $299.99, making it $300 less than the XOOM.

So is the price difference worth getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or would you rather get the Motorola XOOM that can be updated to 4G LTE in a couple months? Let us know in the Comment section below, and be sure to check out our HANDS ON PREVIEW of the Motorola XOOM.

source Verizon Wireless

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1. DragonicNIght unregistered

Love how the display on the screen is Dungeon Defenders O_O

2. Lucas777

Posts: 2137; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

haha why does everyone love dungeon defenders so much...

3. Bryon unregistered

You know with all of the hype of the Xoom lately I completely forgot about the Galaxy. I suppose it is a great option for the less financially endowed. (like myself) I was seriously considering coughing up the money (or robbing my kids piggy bank) for the Xoom but now I have another contender. The dual core 1 GHz process is nice though for watching my recordings or live TV from my DISH Network employee Sling adapter. Since it works on either Apple or Android software I have a lot of options, but now I use my iPhone 3. While progress moves on I get behind, and poorer when I catch up.

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