Verizon outs an Andriod 2.3 bug fix via update for the Droid X

Verizon outs an Andriod 2.3 bug fix via update for the Droid X
Verizon Wireless has just released a small update for the original Motorola Droid X that will fix any bugs that users of the device may have experienced since having their software updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Since its release, the Motorola Droid X featured Android 2.2 Froyo with Motorola’s custom user interface. When it was upgraded to Gingerbread, many users experienced reduced battery life and some lag issues. There were some instances where the Droid X would reboot itself for no reason.

The OTA update is only 11MB in size and should address these issues. The version of the software for this build is 4.5.602.MB810.Verizon.en.US. Motorola’s Blur interface will be also be updated, bringing it to version 4.5.602.

Any Droid X users experience any of the aforementioned issues? If so download the update and tell us what you think in the comments below.

source: Droid Life  

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1. Den unregistered

Does this fix bluetooth issues? anyone knows?

2. Rob unregistered

Wish i never updated to gingerbread.. Will this prevent my phone from destroying SD cards? -_-

3. dlight2 unregistered

I updated to Gingerbread and have had a few issues...but nothing more serious or frequent than I had with Froyo. The biggest issue I've had since the update is losing my data connection regularly. I could only reconnect after rebooting the phone. I've never had an SD card issue in the year I've owned my X. I think a lot of what people see as a Gingerbread issue is really a problem with an app or apps that are funky. Obviously something was up with 2.3 tho since they are addressing some issues with this fix.

4. Tottenham

Posts: 86; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

My wife updated her X shortly after the update became available. I don't know about the lagging or battery issues but she has been plagued by random reboots. She went to see the tech folks at the VZW store a couple weekends ago and they did a re-install of the OS with the 2.3 update (which wiped out everythihg that wasn't on her SD card), but she has still had rebooting issues. She downloaded the patch today. Hopefully that will finally end the frustration.

5. Joe unregistered

I only had 2 issues after Froyo: 1. The bluetooth got all weird, so most of the time when I made or received calls, you couldn't hear anything or say anything until you cycle the bluetooth off and on again. 2. Some sort of incompatibility issue with Launcher Pro causing it to hang on wakeup for about 10 seconds. The update today doesn't seem to have had any effect on the bluetooth issue for me, and I haven't tried re-installing Launcher Pro yet.

7. ltr unregistered

so far so good. great battery life. 12 hours if i do nothing.

8. Milly unregistered

Only 12hrs if you do nothing??? My DX will last 1 day and 17hrs if i do nothing. 24hrs if i use it regularly and about 14hrs if i use it heavily. I charge my battery properly so that's probably why my battery last longer.

9. antonio unregistered

Does anyone has an issue with the GPS connecting. my GPS on my droidx takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get a gps signal

10. antonio unregistered

does anyone has an issue with the Gps searching for signal for about 10 minutes maybe longer?

11. DanNYC unregistered

Ever since I updated to Gingerbread in May, my battery gets drained whenever I don't get a signal. My phone gets hot because the phone keeps trying to look for a signal to sync with email servers. I hope the update fixes this issue.

12. stomatta unregistered

I just got the update and it seems to have helped. I had horrible problems after upgrading to GB and had to do factory reset in order to un-brick the Droid X! I was still having some battery and random reboot issues. I fixed the battery issue by deleting my Corp Sync account and remaking but still had sluggish performance and random reboots. After installing this update, the Droid X seemed to be back to its peppy state and I have not had issue since. The kbd responds quickly again, and overall speed is back. Let's hope this did the trick, though to my knowledge nothing has been posted describing what's been fixed.

13. Pertoria unregistered

I updated my phone this morning had no problems but it reboot itself once today. So hopefully it stops.

14. pearlywhitecl unregistered

After 4.5.602 update my DROID x will not charge the battery using my car alpine radio using the usb cord. Before update it will play all my music files and charge at the same time thru usb mass storage mode. Now it will only play the music but not charge battery. Someone please help.

15. Wizard unregistered

After the GB update, the phone basically worked, but I had an issue with the GPS taking an inordinate amount of time to find my location. I also had a wierd problem with text entry: typed text wouldn't show in the text field unless I rotated the phone. I finally did a factory reset from the recovery screen (not from 'settings'), and everything has been working fine since.

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