Verizon launching a BOGO deal on iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8


Starting tomorrow, December 15th, Verizon has apparently decided to launch a BOGO offer for none other than the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, the Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+. This will certainly inject some mobile industry excitement in the run up to the holidays. Twofers are where it's at for customers, and Verizon knows that very well, so it has attached some strings to the deal, like the requirement for the phones to be purchased on installments, and a new line of Verizon Unlimited to go with them, too. Still, you can upgrade to this deal, or come from another carrier, so Big Red gives you options. 

Furthermore, you can't buy an iPhone and a Galaxy, but have to mix and match from the same manufacturer. Still, with no trade-in requirements, Verizon will subsidize some of the hottest current phones at what is essentially half price, so we can't wait the deal to go active tomorrow, and learn about all the juicy details. Analysts used to be happy that carriers were shy to offer BOGOs this season, as that reflected well on the bottom line, but they threw a monkey wrench into the subsidy-free system fairly quickly.

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