Verizon launches Teaser webpage

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Verizon launches Teaser webpage
Verizon has launched a "teaser" site with 4 new phones listed. (
The phones are cloaked, with only parts of them visible when you move your mouse over them. There is also a Countdown Clock showing the how long until the phones will be fully visible (or released?). If we assume that they are using EDT, that would be on Wednesday morning, at 1AM. If PDT time is used, that would be Tuesday, at 10PM.

Do not expect to see the devices launched on that day. It is expected that VZ will only make an official announcement which will follow with a launch later this year or early 2008.

Originally it was not known for sure which the devices were, but we guess it right: U470 Juke, VX8800 Venus (specs), Blackberry Pearl (specs) and the VX10000 Voyager (specs).

Verizon Wireless also published a video about the new phones:

Adjusting the gama on the teaser page reveals more details

Someone tipped EngadgetMobile and provided the real images.



1. Gib unregistered

For some reason i can't see the countdown site. what is the timer at?

2. LordObento unregistered

The PDA is the BB Pearl

3. unregistered

4. unregistered

4 days 16 h

5. unregistered

Looks like it's going to be 8am or 11am on wednesday. Someone must be reading the timer wrong.

6. ehw is u unregistered

VX10000 is the "iphone killer" Verizon always have the best phone, but all of them has that annoying Verizon interface.

7. eastcoastlb unregistered

Yay!!! I have to get a new contract by the end of November! I didn't think any of these would be out until Thanksgiving and I would be screwed! I hope they do come out next week! I can't wait for the New EnV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Dererk unregistered

1st is the "Juke" 2nd is the "Venus" (VX8800) 3rd is BB Pearl 4th is the "Voyager" (VX10000)

9. unregistered

Per data man 8800 not to be released this year. So the count down has to be the announcment of the phone and not the release

10. dubb unregistered

why would they announce a phone that won't come out until next year. The data man is wrong. Sorry

11. BD unregistered

The "data man is not wrong". I work for VZW and have taken no training on these phones. Usually we have our traingin within 2 weeks of launch. The announcement would make perfect sense. HTC did it for the Touch, Apple did it for the iPhone. Why not VZW? I think the LG phones will be great, but I'm skeptic that they will be out before years end.

12. anonymous unregistered

I have to agree with BD. I do have a question for ehw is u. Who said the VX10000 would be the "iPhone killer"? If anything that would be HTC's Touch, or the LG Prada. Those are the closest in function. Oh and as far as that "annoying UI", many of the new phones have different options for you to choose from.

13. dubb unregistered

Nobody made an announcement about motorola q9h or the motorola rizr and for that much the new motorola tv phone. So why would they do it for any other phone. The motorola q9h was on sale online b4 there was even a commercial. Please!

14. dubb unregistered

Some of you verizon guys didn't know about the i760 from Samsung. Apple only did it for the hype. Verizon's not about hype or they would have taken the iphone contract when it was offered to them.

15. unregistered

they are announcing these phones only. BUT these phones will be out by the end of the year. They are not all going to launch all together but between the announcemnt and the end of the year.

16. tee unregistered

It seems that you can see more of the devices as the countdown continues to wind down !!

18. unregistered

All you have to is set the time on your computer forward a couple days and it will show you more detail. Still not the full image

19. unregistered

I took work for verizon have for over 5 years and they do not always give a training on a new phone who ever said that is wrong. Verizon has released a lot of phones w/ out givin any info or a training on a phone. The only time you have to get one is if the phone has a lot of new things or comes w/ a new plan. Yeah these are going to be better phones but we don't need a special training on them. I had one on something else last week and they mentioned the perl so it's coming and soon. I personaly have been looking forward to the LG 10000.

20. mack unregistered

the phones are the Pearl, the samsung is called the Juke, The new chocolate is called the Venus and the new LG 10000 is called the voyager. Its good working for vzw

21. Captain Obvious unregistered

Man you are a genious i dont know how it is you found out the names of these phones coming out... whatever you do for your day job plz dont lose it. i dont know why you felt the need to post the names of these phones when its all over this site... but great job CAPTAIN OBVIOUS dont quit your day job

22. unregistered

must be nice to be perfect.

23. unregistered

So where is the video referenced in the latest update?

24. unregistered

Phone Pre-Order Available Online Samsung Juke 10/9 10/19 LG Venus 10/19 11/4 Blackberry Pearl 10/26 11/8 LG Voyager 11/8 11/18

25. unregistered

Gimme a break. A countdown to obsolete technology? Verizon's phone choice blows.

26. Shawn unregistered

Check out the HTC announcements. Now, those are cool phones. Verizon is two years behind.

27. bd unregistered

Well dubb. Most people at most cell phone companies have no idea of what will be coming out. Why would Verizon make such a big deal about a mobile 6.0 version of the Q, or a new phone for the mobile TV service? Those phones are not that special. The BB Pearl is the first Pearl w/ EVDO. The Juke is certainly unique and I don;t think anything needs to be said about the 2 LG's. As far as the hype on the iPhone, Verizon can create there own w/o Steve Jobs.

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