Verizon launched Motorola Rapture, VU204 and Samsung Sway

Verizon launched Motorola Rapture, VU204 and Samsung Sway
As it was expected, Verizon Wireless today launched a couple of new phones, the Motorola Rapture VU30 and the cheaper Samsung Sway slider.

The Motorola Rapture clamshell is advertised as a phone that “will get you noticed”, thanks to its “unique” rounded design and jewel-like keypad. It has a 1.6” external display with a line of touch sensitive shortcuts, which conceals when inactive, similar to the European MOTO U9 model. Other features include 2-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch QVGA internal display, microSD card slot, stereo Bluetooth and 2.5mm jack. It costs $130 after a $50 rebate with a 2-year contract.

The Samsung Sway comes in at almost half, priced at $70 after rebate with a 2-year contract. It is a slider but also has 2.2” QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth and microSD slot.Unfortunately, it is missing EVDO, which means that data (mobile web, VZ Navigator) has to use the slower 1x network.

UPDATE: Verizon also announced the budget Motorola MOTO VU204. It features 1.8" 176x220 main display, VGA camera, Bluetooth and 2.5mm headset jack. It will be available on October 14.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

this thing doesnt have a 2 mega pixel camera, it is standard vga

5. unregistered

To #1, check the Verizon site before posting. It says that both the VU30 and Sway have a 2MP camera.

2. unregistered

yeah. and samsung & moto phones almost always have battery issues right from the get-go. LG is one of the only trustworthy brands right about now...

3. unregistered

So the Samsung lacks EVDO and the Motorola really doesn't offer anything more than the Chocolate 3 and at the same price. In fact, the Chocolate 3 has built in memory, FM transmitter, 3.5 headset jack, and better external display. Man, nothing really great coming out until the Storm huh?

6. T-Money3000 unregistered

I've played with an earlier version of the new Moto phone. It's not bad.... It's just Motorola! hahaha But I can't believe that Samsung has a slider, media-oreinted phone without EVDO. Crazy stuff.........

4. unregistered

Correct my friend i still have not played with the krave to see how that touch screen plays out

7. unregistered

VZW fanbooys..where are U??!?!?

8. unregistered

VZW ROCKS!!!!11111 Everyone knows that there is no better service! Nobody can argue that and if u have another carrier you must be poor, mentally handicapped or a pedophile. (ever notice that a lot of Catholic priests have AT&T?) I can't wait until the Storm comes out because not only will it be the best phone ever, but when paired with the largest 3G network in the solar systam, you will be able to download music wirelessly, cure cance and see into the future! GO BIG RED!

9. shortymabe unregistered

VZW does rock. but some service reps make you want to cry. I'm looking for a phone like the LG8600. discontinued. you can answer phone and read texts while flip is closed. any suggestions

12. unregistered

LG chocolate is pretty much an enhanced version of the 8600. great phone.

14. To No. 8 unregistered

Wow... is all I gotta say. Not a good wow... but wow. I wonder how fat you are, and how many hours a day you play World of Warcraft... I guessing at least 4 hours. Any other takers?

15. unregistered

Red is the official of color of communists.

10. unregistered

the Motorola is overpriced, even though it looks cool. The Samsung looks ok. they're just meh...the Storm should be much more exciting.

11. unregistered

Good for you.

13. unregistered

I am not eligible yet for an upgrade, so the Rapture VU30 will be expensive :) Too bad the Sway doesn't have EVDO, but it still has a music player, camera, a neat, slider design, a good price of $69 (probably $209 with no contract), and Micro SD. The VU204 is budget-minded, so I will probably get it. Too bad the w385 is hard to text on. I hope this is.

16. jmweekes

Posts: 14; Member since: Aug 28, 2008

The Sway's design is so nice--slick, clean, slim, practical, and free of gimmicks. I hope this is a sign of phones to come--or is it too much to expect the carriers and manufacturers to grow up or, more, respect the sensibility of their customers (don't try to sell us gadgets, make something useful with classic design). Would love to see this phone at Sprint in black with EVDO and "OneClick".

17. unregistered

Just got the Samsung Sway and love it. I don't need a phone with a bunch of crazy shit on it.

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