Verizon brings Exchange support to non-PDA devices

Verizon brings Exchange support to non-PDA devices
Verizon announced the availability of RemoSync on certain non-PDA handsets. For $9.99, users can access their Exchange email, calendar and Outlook contacts.

This solution is geared towards small to medium businesses and offers some cool features such as 2-way contact syncing with Outlook, calendar management via the phone and being able to accept a meeting invitation remotely. RemoSync uses Microsoft Direct Push, though the user has to open the BREW application to retrieve their mail. Attachment names can be viewed, but it does not support viewing or downloading of the actual attachment. No data pack is required for the use of RemoSync.

Users with the following phones can download it via Get It Now: LG VX9400, LG VX8700, Chocolate by LG, V by LG, enV(2)™ by LG, Venus™ by LG, and Voyager™ by LG; Verizon Wireless Gleam™ by Samsung, Verizon Wireless FlipShot™ by Samsung and Alias™ by Samsung; MOTORAZR™ maxx Ve, MOTORAZR(2) V9m, MOTORIZR™ Z6tv, and MOTO™ Z6c world edition.

Hit the link for a full list of features and the official press release.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. sabba unregistered

funny. i don't see the new Glyde by Samsung up there. I wonder why...

9. unregistered

durr because it runs windows mobile and already has it.

11. unregistered

Umm! Check your sources.. The Samsung Glyde is NOT a Windows Mobile device.

15. unregistered

oh well thanks

2. some guy unregistered

cuz it blows

3. some one unregistered

it blows and because the glyde is all touch screen and most apps dont work on the touchscreen

4. unregistered

The Voyager is up there

6. unregistered

The glyde isn't all touch screen it still has the QWERTY keyboard. there isn't a d-pad but it could be like the comp and use "wasd" as the d--pad. i'm pretty sure those are the alternative for the arrows

5. unregistered

If i never played with an iphone i would've thought the voyager and glyde were the best thing since slice bread... They don't even compare Too bad AT&T has a crappy network or I'd switch

7. The Godfather unregistered

If I never played with an IPhone I would probably agree with you, but since I have , I can say honestly that a voyager BLOWS away a I Phone, and it is simply because it is more user freindly with a better messaging system and LIVE Tv....same memory capacity with faster internet speeds and a removable I can insure my phone. I phone is junk....I have a I Pod Touch which is the same thing minus the fees and crappy cell reception.

8. unregistered

iPhone is not junk. Why does everyone try to be cool by saying the iPhone stinks? I shure wouldn't turn it down if ?I was offered one.

10. unregistered

i think its junk too because i have one. you cant send more than 1 text at a time,reception sucks, the "keyborad" is small and hard to type on, and no im not trying to be "cool" it really is that bad.

13. unregistered

can you get free internet on the voyager? can you install your own apps? does the ipod touch have bluetooth? if the ipod touch had bluetooth i wouldn't bother with the iphone. the only reason i would get the iphone is because it is an ipod touch with bluetooth. verizon locks up the wifi in their 2 or 3 phones that have it unless you buy a data plan. its so f***ed verizon is the microsoft of phone companies.

12. unregistered

Is it true that you can't send or recieve picture messages with an iPhone?

14. sinfulta unregistered

Yes it is true you cant not send or recieve picture messages to another cellular phone. Only to an email (rolls eyes). The Iphone you are paying (without choice mind you) $20.00 above and beyond the calling plan. Voyager with similar messaging is the same data plan but with more text. V-Cast with Unlimited MB for voyager and 250 text or picture/video messages is the same price $20. So you don't get free anything on Iphone. Each device has pro's and cons. If you want a pretty OS that has a great touch screen. Get an Iphone, If you want fast data speeds and a bunch more phone features by a Voyager.

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