Samsung Galaxy Watch gets the One UI update at Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Watch gets the One UI update at Verizon
It's been almost a month since Samsung kicked off the One UI update rollout to some of its older smartwatches, but it looks like not all models got it yet. For example, the LTE-enabled Galaxy Watch received the One UI update just one week ago, while the T-Mobile Galaxy Watch got it around the same time.

Now it's Verizon's turn to finally make One UI available to customers who bought the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The changelog spotted by AndroidSoul offers many details about the new features and improvements included in One UI.

For example, after the update, you'll be able to sync alarms between your phone and Galaxy Watch, as well as synchronize DnD (do no disturb) status and settings. The emojis have been overhauled to look more pleasant, and the same goes for the background color of the UI, which is more consistent between the phone and smartwatch.

At least as important as the changes above, Samsung's One UI update introduces an “Optimize battery” option to close background apps and change setting values that are heavy on the battery.

The update seems to have been released for a few days, but Verizon published the changelog only recently. In any case, if you have a Verizon Galaxy Watch, you should check for the update.


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