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What do you make of Verizon's bloatware apps deal with Samsung?


Well, well, well, Verizon, what you are doing with Samsung behind closed doors? Remember Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo? That one resulted in the Oath platform that folded the previous AOL acquisition for one big happy conglomerate of news, sports and various digital media undertakings.

Since people are consuming more and more of said media directly on their mobile devices, Verizon's Oath department had to find a way to place its wares (and ads) front and center before the eyes of users. What do? Slap bloatware on the most popular Android phones du jour, of course.

Verizon has entered into a distribution agreement for Oath’s Newsroom app, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and the Go90 mobile video app to be installed on its Samsung phones, starting with the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Thus, when you purchase those and other Samsung handsets from Verizon, the whole Oath suite will come preinstalled on them, with arguably little recourse to ditch them if you aren't in the mood to entertain Verizon's media acquisitions. What do you think about Samsung's distribution deal with Big Red, given these comments of Oath's CEO Tim Armstrong in a recent interview:

What do you make of Verizon's bloatware deal with Samsung?

Not buying it, it's a stealthy way to serve ads
Those Oath apps are good, I don't mind getting them preinstalled
Who cares
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