Vent is the potty-mouthed social network app where your ranting is welcome and taken seriously


Developer: Super PtyDownload: iOS
Category: SocialPrice: Free

Are you frustrated? Stressed? A little bummed out? Fire up Vent and express your frustration in the sincerest, most heartfelt curse words you can come up with. Then check out what the rest of the world is venting about, and take solace in the fact that someone else out there has it way worse than you. Or reach out with a helping hand and send a compassionate "wow ur s*** sux!" to the random stranger that just acknowledged your rant. Misery enjoys company, you know!

For an app that channels its users' negativity into an online gathering of pottymouths, Vent is very colorful and user-friendly. In fact, if you look past its particular premise, this is your meat-and-potatoes social network. Once you log in, you can browse a feed of other users' ramblings, or get down to writing your own from the get-go. You can "describe" your unhealthy feelings in four mood labels - angry, furious, irritated, or calm. Calm? Really? Of course! After all, the ability to calmly spell "s***f***!" is a strong indicator of a collected, sound mind! But that's not all. Once your package of elaborately worded digitalized frustration is launched into the webbings of Vent, expect a whole bunch of random strangers to pop up and voice their support, or add to your vent with their own take on the matter if they can relate to your problem.

Unlike Twitter, which has been successfully serving the same purpose way before Vent was invented, the app has no character limit. You can write a best-selling book about your misadventures if you have the time and a software keyboard you can trust. Hopefully, the publishing advance will cover the treatment of your finger cramps!

As a whole, Vent is a pretty entertaining and well-rounded take on social networks. Unlike those apps that want to become the next Facebook, Pinterest, or Secret, this one has a very clear purpose and builds around it in the right ways. Vent is free and it's iOS-only right now, but its makers from Suped Pty are chugging away at an Android version as we speak.

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