Usage of Android 2.2 picks up, closing gap with Android 2.1

Usage of Android 2.2 picks up, closing gap with Android 2.1
Android 2.2 has just finished a big month. Not only was the software pre-installed on all units of the Motorola DROID 2, but Verizon managed to finally complete the massive undertaking of updating the first-gen DROID models to Froyo. All of those upgrades count, including the HTC trio of the Nexus One, EVO 4G and Desire handsets that now run on 2.2. Add it all together and you can see how the latest Android build went from installation on a  paltry 4.5% of Android phones in July to August's 28.7% reading. The 2.1 build is still responsible for 41.7% of Android phones. 17.5% and 12% of handsets using Google's open source OS are running 1.6 and 1.5 respectively. The data includes the two week period ending September 1st.

The next build of the Android OS is expected to be 3.0, also known as Gingerbread in keeping with the software's use of food items for code names. Google will most likely be slowing down the number and frequency of firmware upgrades, replacing them with updates that can be downloaded from the Android Market. This should slow down the fragmentation of the OS and allow manufacturers to offer handsets with similar features and functions instead of having to rush out an OTA upgrade to keep up with other Android models.

source: AndroidDevelopers

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