Upcoming Mailbox app for iPhone will have a waitlist due to huge demand

Upcoming Mailbox app for iPhone will have a waitlist due to huge demand
By looking at email as an “ancient” medium, Orchestra is just about to transform how we use email with a highly anticipated app.

You may have heard of Orchestra, Inc. They are the developers behind the highly rated “Orchestra To-do” app for the iPhone. The story behind that application grew from the company’s observations that many of us use our email as to-do lists. The problem is that most email interfaces, especially the ones on smartphones, are not very good at organizing or being to-do lists.

The company embarked on transforming the medium of email into something far more useful, and from the looks of what has been worked on, Mailbox is going to be a runaway success. It is a mobile-first email experience, rather than a desktop experience on a handset. When you see the video below, you will understand. Mailbox will be available for the iPhone and Gmail “soon.”

Response to this concept has been overwhelming, as a result, the company has set-up a reservation system so Orchestra can scale the rollout without “because this is email and email has to be reliable.” To achieve this, the reservation system Orchestra has set up is really simple, just provide your phone number and the company will text you a reservation number and you will be notified when you can begin using the Mailbox application.

Mailbox compresses data and is said to provide super-quick push notifications as well as make it easier to actually clear out all your email. You can reserve your space in line through the source link below. When was the last time your email inbox was empty?

sources: Orchestra via The Verge

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