Unknown LG Windows Phone shows up in China

Unknown LG Windows Phone shows up in China
So far from what we’ve witnessed, LG has been relatively quiet in the Windows Phone front, which is evident by their lack of a Mango-fied device of some sort thus far. Surprisingly, the only indication about some kind of Windows Phone from LG’s camp is none other than the LG Fantasy, which we’ve seen in rendered and in the wild form.

Apparently, there seems to be yet another one in the works, seeing that an image of an unknown LG Windows Phone has been snapped over on Chinese micro-blogging site Sina Weibo. From what we can gather from the image, it’s clearly not the same device we see in the leaked images of the LG Fantasy. Well, that’s because its front-facing camera is positioned more to the right, and that the Bing Search button is designed differently – looking stretched out just a tiny bit.

Moreover, the poster on the site specifies that it’s “LG's engineering machine, etc. when you can see at CES. Not for sale.” That’s all the information currently known about this mysterious new Windows Phone, but we’re hoping that we’ll hear more about it in the coming days as we near CES.

source: Sina Weibo (translated) via WP Central


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