United Airlines now offers mobile check-in service

United Airlines now offers mobile check-in service
It's almost unbelievable at what kind of things that one can accomplish with their handy mobile phone on them – from banking to paying off bills, you can essentially complete tasks you would normally have to physically do. Now you can add checking into your scheduled flight to the ever growing list so that no time is wasted in having to deal with uncooperative kiosks at airports. United Airlines is making it just a bit easier for passengers by allowing them to use their web-enabled mobile devices to check into their flight – easily going straight through security and boarding without the need of a paper boarding pass. There's a good chunk of airports throughout the country that are making United Airline's mobile check-in process a reality – you simply have to just log into mobile.united.com 24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure. From there you'll be sent an email link which enables you to access a boarding pass directly on your phone that uses a two-dimensional barcode that is scanned at security checkpoints and boarding gates. Finally, this is only being made available on any United or United Express flight within the US, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

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1. basschica

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It's about time! I hate that I can check in online going somewhere, but since I rarely have access to a printer at my destination and can't check in any earlier than 24 hours before departure that it leaves me to kiosks or worse waiting in line for a person. I don't doubt there were be issues with TSA screeners that insist you put the phone through the scanner yet you need to hand them your boarding pass when you go through the human scanner. Trying to explain your boarding pass is on the phone should confuse them entirely and cause a huge issue. They'll figure it out and have a procedure in place...6 months later no doubt.

2. Fearthebeard

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