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Unhappy customer gets a nasty text from a Telecom representative?

Unhappy customer gets a nasty text from a Telecom representative?
No one is impervious to the daily grind of dealing with unhappy customers dishing out their dislike about the service they are getting with their cell phone. Everyone definitely has a bad day every now and then, but apparently one Telecom representative took it a bit too far. There was a New Zealand women who complained to her wireless provider, the Australian Telecom, about receiving poor cell phone service – which basically took hours for text messages to reach family members. Instead of getting some kind of courteous gesture, the woman was greeted with a nasty text message saying “F*** you” from the company. It's quite serious when the mayor, Michael Laws, took it upon himself to take up the case for the woman, named Vanessa, after she called in during his Radio Live talkback show.  "Vanessa did complain after receiving the offensive text and tracing it to the Telecom call centre. But that complaint has remained dormant," says Mr Laws. The Australian Telecom came back with a statement saying that "an urgent and detailed investigation into a complaint that a customer received an abusive SMS text, allegedly from a Telecom customer service representative". They're taking the matter seriously by going as far as saying that if the message was sent by a Telecom employee, they would immediately be fired on the spot.

source: Stuff via Textually


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