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Ultimate custom Android home screen Battle Royale (poll results)


Greetings, Android customizers! Welcome to the final post for the first season of our "Amazing custom Android home screen" series.

A few days ago, we gathered the 10 most popular custom layouts elected throughout the competition for one final grand battle, and we're happy to announce that the results are finally in!

Before we proceed, we'd like to thank everyone who followed and took part in the contest. Our inbox received hundreds of awesome entries, and although we couldn't show off each and every one of those, we greatly appreciate the level of interest and participation from our readership. As a final reminder, we'd like to say that we're wrapping things up for now, so at this stage, there's no point in sending new submissions to our e-mail.

With that, let's move on to the results! More than 1,250 people voted in the "Ultimate custom Android home screen Battle Royale", and we're not surprised to say that the clash for the top spot has been especially fierce.

Only 20 votes separate our winner from the competitor at second place, which goes to show the quality of the two submissions. Still, there can be only one victor, and the majority has decided that the first season's Grand Champion is...


CoolTech4U was the only user that managed to win two "Amazing custom Android home screen" competitions, and now, his first entry has been elected as the most popular custom Android masterpiece. There might be a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy fans among our users, as his minimalistic setup with the cute little Groot gathered 289 votes or 23.05% of the total vote! Apart from the excellent wallpaper, CoolTech4U's Galaxy S7 edge is augmented by Nova Launcher, the Willx Icon Pack, and the Nova Launcher Google Search Bar. Let's give a virtual round of applause for our champ! 


At number 2, we have the winner from the third week of our competition - BALU. With 21.45% (269 votes) of the total vote, BALU nearly clinched the top spot with his simple and elegant setup. This is a perfect example of how one can make something truly beautiful with a few basic tools - all you need is a nice wallpaper, Nova Launcher, the Rounded UP icon pack, and some clever positioning of the default clock widget. 

3. Umbrielle

Umbrielle's awesome James Bond-esque design has managed to grab the bronze medal in our final competition. She was the winner in the first post of our series, and many of our readers were impressed by the sophisticated, high-tech layout of her Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. Umbrielle says that she achieved this look with the help of Nova Launcher, Tasker, and Zooper. We feel that a place in the top 3 is well deserved for Umbrielle, as her home screen truly set a high standard which was maintained throughout the rest of the competition. 

This concludes the virtual podium for our first season, you can see the rest of the weekly champions and the poll results below. 

Elect the Grand Champion!

1. Umbrielle
2. Dre
4. Dzojezakon
6. Goran
7. 5urv1v0r
8. CoolTech4U entry #1
9. CoolTech4U entry #2
10. Scott
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