Uber's Android and iOS apps will soon track location when running in background

Uber's Android and iOS apps will soon track location when running in background
In a recent blog post, Uber announced that its iPhone and Android apps will soon be updated with the ability to track location even when running in background. The change, which affect both drivers and riders, is detailed in a new privacy policy. 

At the moment, Uber's iPhone and Android apps can only access location data when the app is opened and on screen. Uber says that the ability to track user location when the app is running in background will help "get people on their way more quickly" by making sure that the location of both drivers and riders will be updated in real time.

The new Uber update will also ask for access to contacts data. This information will be required to take advantage of a new service planned by the ride-sharing company, one that will allow customers to send special offers to their friends and family. 

Fortunately, current Uber users have to opt-in to the changes, which will start taking effect on July 15, meaning that no user will be grandfathered into the new privacy policy. Although it asks for more data from its users, Uber says that it has doubled the number of people working in its privacy team, and that the new privacy policy is not only much shorter than the old one, but also much easier to understand for people that don't have a law degree.

What do you guys think of this recent decision? Do you think that sharing more of your personal information with Uber can help make the service better with no detriment to your privacy? Drop us a comment in the section below and share your thoughts!

source: Uber
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