UTStarcom Knick surfaces for AT&T

UTStarcom Knick surfaces for AT&T
Sporting a Sidekick-like style, UTStarcom's Knick has mysteriously surfaced at a Radio Shack kiosk (presumably at a conference). According to the specification placard, it offers a QWERTY keyboard, video camera, mobileTV, and GPS, among other basic phone functions. The first information on this one came in the end of May from a consumer survey. It reveals that the new phone has touch sensitive display, 1.3MP camera, and will be available in at least three colors: gray, orange or green. An accessory website is selling belt clips for the handset, which leads us to believe that an official announcement is just around the corner.

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18. unregistered

oh my gosh i love touchscreens and qwertys this is amazing!

17. unregistered

When does this come out?

19. unregistered

it just came out yesterday at least thats what i heard

16. phoneguy unregistered

I am really impressed by this phone so far. I love the sidekick line, but was never a t-mobile fan. I've been with AT&T and I don't plan on leaving, so this is a dream come true. I will be getting this when it comes out!!!

14. unregistered

I actually kind of like it. I really like the sidekick form factor and style and its nice to see it on a different network.

13. unregistered

it looks like one of those cheap tiger electronic handheld games from the 90's lol. it looks very cheap....and the keyboard looks like it is going to be louder than a PC keyboard when you push the buttons

11. unregistered

It would be great if the screen tilted, just like the tilt.

7. unregistered

I have to say I'm not a AT&T fan at all but this is a really nice looking phone. If it operates half as good as it looks it will be a real kick ass handset. Ya I do realize who makes it but still it might not be all that bad.

10. *QUEEN* E unregistered

IDK this phone looks like the G1 that T Mobile just launched to me its jus too similar except it doesnt have a track ball, I dont likey lol!!

6. unregistered

AT&T needs a ncie texting phone to compete with the enV2...now that I think bout it, they dont have one

9. unregistered


12. rbz275

Posts: 37; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

not to be rude, but last time I checked, a "texting phone" usually has a QWERTY keyboard. The VU is a touchscreen and while it may have a virtual QWERTY, it's usually not considered a good phone for messaging because it doesn't have tactile buttons. That is why the above commenter compared it to the enV2, not the Dare.

15. unregistered

I happen to work for at& and yes we do have a phone with a full qwerty keyboard, the pantech duo. :)

5. unregistered

You can carrier a UTS Knick and a Samsung Knack. Where is the Spick and Span?

3. unregistered

ever hear of a sidekick?

4. unregistered

I think he was like, totally being sarcastic dude.

2. unregistered

when is t-mobile going to get something like this?

8. unregistered

um this does look like the DREAM doesnt it?

1. unregistered


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