US variant of Nokia N95 8GB coming soon?

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US variant of Nokia N95 8GB coming soon?
The online retailer MobileCityOnline has started taking orders for the Nokia N95 8GB NAM, which is said to be the US 3G-equipped variant of the standard N95 8GB. Although it is still not officially announced, it is expected to be exact copy of the European model with only replacing the 2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA band with 850/1900 MHz for usage in the US. The expected availability is mid-February and the price for which you can preorder the device is $799.



1. unregistered

$799 !@#$ uhhhh....I'll just rob someone at gun point so I can get it for free.

2. unregistered

yeah I'll do the same that's too much money.

3. unregistered

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, cingular better pick that phone up.

4. unregistered

guys no worry, its all patience, wait say 10 years and u might get it for who knows FREEE lol......

5. AngryOldMan unregistered

As with the previous US variant, the price will drop to a more comfortable level within one to two months. I found other retailers sell the N95-3 for around $550. It still beats that crap-tastic iPhone: A perfect example of all flash and no smartphone/3G substance.

6. ravi unregistered

if u guys were really fans of all that this phone could do, 799 wouldn't be a problem. just get a 6101 n save everyone ur stupid comments...

7. unregistered

comments 7 and 9 is really cracking me up, not everyone can afford $800, i am a broke college student & most def will think a thousand times b4 dropping $800 on ANY item., even after the prize drops i still think its too much.

8. unregistered

comments 7 and 9 has a rich mommy and daddy. every time he cry, his parents dry his tears with hundred dollar bills

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