US Cellular is offering a wealth of features with its $70 Primary Plus Plan

US Cellular is offering a wealth of features with its $70 Primary Plus Plan
In part of spreading the good work they're accomplishing with their “Belief Project” effort, US Cellular is introducing a new plan that really adds a ton of value for the price you pay.

The regional carrier just announced their new $69.99 Primary Plus plan that offers 450 minutes of anytime calling, free nights and weekends, free mobile-to-mobile, 5GB of data, unlimited text messaging, unlimited picture messaging, and free GPS Navigation.

When you look at it, that's definitely a competitive offering that can prove to be attractive for just about anyone. So if you're a US Cellular customer looking to get a decent plan offering, you just might want to inquire further about this new one that'll provide a lot of features without the hefty prices.

source: US Cellular via Mobileburn



1. lexicommonzero unregistered

I liked it better when it was called everything data 450, I wish sprint would but theses guys to improve their rural coverage

2. phonernerd24 unregistered

TYPO- the plan also gives you Free incoming calls from anyone on any network, including landlines. that in itself makes the plan great and 450 is really more like 800 for most people.

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