UPDATED:More video action of the BlackBerry 9780

UPDATED:More video action of the BlackBerry 9780
Just what the heck is going on here? Just when Android couldn't be hotter, the iPhone 4 is less than 50 days old and some manufacturers are getting closer to producing Windows Phone 7 models, BlackBerry has come out of nowhere with a couple of sexy, studly, drool-producing handsets that has really raised the temperature of BlackBerry fans and non-fans alike. We all have seen the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Slider in action. With its touchscreen and first rate physical QWERTY keyboard getting ready to be introduced Tuesday by RIM and AT&T, this is the model that could put a Taser powered charge into BlackBerry. Of course, it helps that RIM is introducing its new BlackBerry 6 OS and WebKit browser on the model.

Less talked about is the BlackBerry 9780. Just the other day we showed you video of the new OS build and the new browser running on the device, and we have more to show you below. While the hardware is simply a Bold with a couple of minor changes, the software is the story here as the new OS and browser show how well they work even in a non-touch device. As Bobby D. once sang, "The Times they are a changin'". The 9780 is expected to have a 624MHz processor, 512MB of RAM,  OS, display with a resolution of 480 x 360 with support for 65,000 colors, 5MP camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi and an optical trackpad. If this model heads to T-Mobile, it might-just might-support HSPA+. That is just pure speculation at the moment, but is fun to consider.

source: BBLeaks

While YouTube has seen fit to remove the video for a TOS violation, the clip did show what appeared to be a T-Mobile launch screen. If so, it appears that both T-Mobile and AT&T will each be offering a BlackBerry model with the new BlackBerry 6 OS and the new WebKit browser. The latter carrier is expected to introduce the Torch Slider 9800 on Tuesday along with RIM, while T-Mobile will apparently offer the Bold refresh (9780) which will offer non-touchscreen versions of the new software.

source: TmoNews

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