Two-way Skype video chat is coming to the Nokia N900

Two-way Skype video chat is coming to the Nokia N900
Video chat is going to be more prevalent among Nokia N900 owners now that Skype is in the process of launching an app which will enable two-way video chat calls on the handset. Although iPhone owners are getting a tasting for just Skpye-to-Skype voice calls, the Nokia N900 is moving one step ahead and venturing into a new territory with video chat. Its front-facing camera will become especially instrumental for owners now that Skype's app is virtually on the way. In addition to connecting with Skype users on their computers, N900 owners will be able to interact with other mobile handsets as wells as Skype-on-TV users with LG and Panasonic sets. Skype is surely spreading the love as it was heard from their vice president, Russ Shaw, that an Android Skype app will become a reality before the end of the year while webOS users will be left out of the mix – that's unless there is a carrier that is willing to show some interest.

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