Two-thirds of app users in U.S. have paid for at least one

Two-thirds of app users in U.S. have paid for at least one
A new survey of U.S. consumers conducted by ABI Research found that two-thirds of Americans who use apps have purchased at least one. The average monthly invoice for those using paid apps is $14 while the median is $7.50 per month. The big difference between the average spend and the median indicates that it is just a few big spending app buyers that are accounting for the majority of purchases. And that is reflected in other statistics that show that the highest spending 3% of app buyers account for 20% of purchased titles. Over 70% spend little or nothing on apps.

The survey also discovered that those developers offering utility-type apps for business purposes have been raking in the money as have been those iOS developers who produced games with in-app purchases. The big question on the mind of these code jockeys is how best to convert users from free apps to paid ones. Senior ABI Research analyst Aapo Markkanen recommends that developers not forget the web. He says that most successful mobile apps also have a web presence. He also suggests that developers think of how they can get people to continue interacting with their app two-years in the future. He mentions Evernote as a good example of a mobile app with a strong web presence, which has become a habit to its customers.

source: BGR

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