Two Palm devices for AT&T targeted for the first half of the year

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Two Palm devices for AT&T targeted for the first half of the year
Good news coming out of AT&T’s Developers Summit that’s being held right now in Las Vegas! Ralph de la Vega has just announced that two webOS handsets are expected to land on AT&T sometime within the first half of 2010. With the Palm Pre’s debut quickly approaching the one year mark, it’s been a long wait to see a GSM version come out for AT&T. So far there is no concrete information if it’s going to be either of the existing current Palm smartphones, the Pre and Pixi, that’ll make its way to AT&T. Frankly though, customers from the number two wireless carrier in the country have been on the back seat during this mobile platform war going all out. Not only is this considered a victory for AT&T, but Palm will be getting more face time in between customer now that they’re on-board with three out of the four major providers.

source: Engadget


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