Twitter for iOS 10 introduces Rich Notifications

Twitter for iOS has adopted the Rich Notifications feature introduced by Apple in iOS 10. Rich Notifications allow users to view and play media content, including images, videos, and audio, straight from the notification card, as well as perform various in-app actions, such as replying to messages, without launching the application itself.

Twitter's notification cards for iOS 10 now contain a small thumbnail alongside the usual five lines of text, located in the bottom left corner, but expand when force touched, revealing any images or media inside in much larger size.

If you are running iOS 10 or higher, Twitter should already be sending its revamped notification cards your way. If you can't tell the difference at first glance, don't forget use force touch to reveal the media content inside, if you are using an iPhone 6s/Plus or the new iPhone 7 models. If you are on an iPhone 6 or another device with no support for 3D touch, just swipe to the left from the notification card and tap the "View" button.

Rich Notifications were initially used only by Apple's first-party apps, such as iMessage, Maps, and Mail, but an increasing number of iOS developers are implementing the feature into their products, pushing more interactive and content-rich notifications to their users.

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via: Reddit


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