Turn your usual SIM card into a micro SIM with the Cut My SIM

Turn your usual SIM card into a micro SIM with the Cut My SIM
Since the iPad's arrival, we've become quite acquainted with micro SIMs as the tablet device mandates their usage as opposed to the traditional sized SIM cards. On top of that, the next generation iPhone that's going to be unleashed to the world come this Monday will of course bring more backing to this non-traditional standard with a potential to stir up some movement for it. For those who that resist in having to switch to the new micro SIM standard, there is this simple and ingenious product that can simply cut your existing SIM into the correct micro size without ruining it. Sure you can follow some of those manual cut out instructions in turning your SIM to micro size, but the Cut My SIM gadget makes the process as simple as baking an apple pie. Just insert your regular sized SIM into position and push down on it to perfectly create a micro SIM that's just right to fit snug into the next gen iPhone's appropriate slot. This thing is turning out to become a popular thing as the first round of 500 units have been sold, but the next wave of shipment is scheduled for the end of the month for the easy to buy price of $25.

source: Cut My SIM via Engadget


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