Turn your Android phone into a cartridge lovin' Game Boy with the Smart Boy

Turn your Android phone into a Nintendo Game Boy with Smart Boy

How would you like to turn your Android flavored handset into a Nintendo Game Boy that accepts both monochrome and color game cartridges? It can be done, we tell you, and it won't require a magic wand or spells from Harry Potter to accomplish the feat. All you need is the Smart Boy. Originally conceived as an April Fools Day joke last year, the device can be pre-ordered for £59.99, which translates into $77.86 USD at current exchange rates.

The Smart Boy connects to your Android handset via the Type-C USB port, which is a requirement for the device that it will be used on. The phone also must sport a 5.2-inch to 6-inch display. The Smart Boy works with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges. That means you can dust off your old Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red games, and finally finish playing them.

The Smart Boy is expected to be released in September. Leeching off your phone's battery for power, the gadget will run for approximately five hours between charges. The device is included in the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program and is said to work best on the Samsung Galaxy S8, but that appears to have something to do with the Type-C port, which is available on many other Android phones.

If you're seeking a dose of nostalgia, you can pre-order the Smart Boy by clicking on the sourcelink.

source: FunStockRetro via PocketLint


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