Try on a pair of jeans at an American Eagle store & get a free smartphone

Try on a pair of jeans at an American Eagle store & get a free smartphone
Consumers have a myriad of stores to choose from for all of their mobile phone shopping needs, but now you can also add the clothing store American Eagle to the list. Seriously, it's probably one of the last places you'd expect to find selling cell phones at your local mall, but they're now also in the business – sort of. They're throwing this special “denim try on event” which will be going on from July 21 through August 3 where anyone who visits the store and try on a pair of their jeans will have the opportunity to get a free smartphone. You're probably thinking that there's a catch to this – of course there is! Well, you'll have to sign a contract in order to get your free smartphone, which is of course what you'd expect from any other place. However, they have some enticing handsets that range from Android and BlackBerry smartphones to choose from on their site. And if you happen to choose your phone and plan by September 30, they're going to send you a $25 American Eagle money card as well to make the contract signing slightly more tolerable – and get you back into stores to buy more stuff. So if you're in the market to buy a pair of jeans and a smartphone, you might as well check it out to see what options they can offer to tickle your fancy.

source: American Eagle via Engadget

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