Apple could introduce a triple-camera iPhone in 2019: report

Apple could introduce a triple-camera iPhone in 2019: report
Apple could release a triple-camera iPhone in 2019 according to a new report. With the company’s current lineup, both the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X boast the company’s dual-camera setup, while the smaller iPhone 8 sticks to a more traditional single camera. According to a new report, however, this could all change come next year. 
The new information claims Apple will launch at least one triple-camera smartphone in 2019, with this most likely being the range-topping second-generation iPhone X Plus. In regards to what the setup will actually entail, the report is pretty vague, but previous information has claimed that at least one of the lenses will feature a 12-megapixel resolution. In addition, optical image stabilization should also be present, while the combined sensors will be capable of 5x zoom, just like Huawei’s current flagship, the P20 Pro. It’s unclear, however, what new feature the third lens will bring. After all, Apple could choose to include a Huawei-like monochrome lens to boost image detail, or it may opt to include a wide-angle sensor as seen on LG’s recent flagships. Alternatively, the company may choose to introduce a whole new kind of sensor that would better differentiate it from the competition.

The company’s potential future move towards a triple-camera setup appears to have been a result of the Huawei P20 Pro. After all, the marketing potential behind the setup, as well as the hardware capabilities, are clearly proving a hit with consumers – Huawei’s flagship sales are up 316% when compared to last year’s P10 Plus in Western Europe. 

Nevertheless, at this point in time Apple’s plans could easily change. When it comes to its 2018 lineup, however, details are looking quite a bit more concrete. Specifically, the Silicon Valley-based giant is expected to fully embrace the new design philosophy it debuted with the iPhone X in September, with two flagship OLED models and a cheaper LCD-bearing variant.

source: Taipei Times via: Macrumors image source: iDropnews

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