Treo 850 is the Treo Pro

Treo 850 is the Treo Pro
The Treo 850 we saw back in May has apparently been christened the Treo Pro.  A page popped up on Palm's site for a while with some design details, though it did not confirm any detailed specifications.  It is still not clear if it will be as diminutive as the Centro, or more Treo-like in size, but it will support Wi-Fi, a microUSB port and 3.5mm headphone jack.  The screenshots and mention of a touchscreen confirm that it will be running Windows Mobile Professional, though we are still guessing that it'll be 6.1.  The Treo Pro looks hot, and hopefully can continue Palm's turnaround.

source: WMExperts via Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

that phone looks pretty nice i wonder if it will hit cdma first

3. David Adler unregistered

CDMA has the Treo 850, for now at least. the Treo Pro will be a GSM phone, i can tell first off by the HSPDA icon @ the top of the screen. looks like GSM, and AT&T will have a much more beautiful treo than Sprint and Verizon

2. RyanKing unregistered

The classic Treo with a modern twist, I usually would want the Palm OS but its looking pretty good with WM. I really like the design. Go Palm!

4. Mjgio10494 unregistered

I've been seriously thinking about getting a good phone with a qwerty keyboard. Ths phone looks like it fits the deal as long as it comes to AT&T.

5. nice phone unregistered

I might get this phone if it comes out for verizon

6. unregistered

k it would probably end up going to all carriers eventually, Palm isnt stupid to get devices out for all their consumers.. ....and great job looks sexy, i love this competition of everyone staying on top haha except for motorola

7. jrcrow unregistered

same phone..just 2-3 more bells n whistles..meh..still small n crampt.

8. jrcrow unregistered wont happen for verizon without crippling of the!!

9. unregistered

#7 and 8..... Verizon doesn't cripple the wifi. The mogul (6800) and the i760 both have wifi. The reason the Touch (6900) didn't have wifi compared to the much slow, less RAM GSM version is for space conservation. You can't pack everything into a tiny package. CDMA is a safer, more encripted technology, so i would guess it is bigger which means you need to make room for other things. When sprint and VZW get the same model phone, 99% of the time they have identical features. Why don't you blame the lack of wifi on Sprint as they are usually the ones to get the phones first?

10. j0esm00 unregistered

Yea mr sales man we know that verizon on cripples the features of the phone so they can capitalize on making you pay for that feature. Its all good though cuz they are a business and they obvisouly know how to make the money. We the customers are still going to complain and bitch about what the other guy has and wonder why we don't but in the end we won't switch to a less incompetiant company like Sprint that can't even handle a billing department, or a much smaller network like AT&T. However remember your place your still a worker bee for the company and telling the customer what the company wants you to say is all good just stay off the post and let us grip you will still have a job in the AM cuz if we leave like I did we will come right back like I did its a cruel world outside VZW network. Its kinda like the guy that you see in the mall with a really hot girl friend and you say man he is lucky but hes over there looking at you saying man I wish I was single again.

11. J0esm00 unregistered

by the way mr sales man any word on the rapheal yet I might upgrade to that or this treo just need to see them side by side

13. unregistered

Lol.... I don't think I could live on Verizon again... crippling bluetooth, charging for anything and everything. Yeah they are a business and need to make a profit, but a company has to be responsive to the needs of customers, and not tell customers what they think they need. Think what you want about CDMA, but it is by far a minority player worldwide and not a single major network has signed up for the 4G evolution of CDMA (not even Verizon). Then we get to the use of Brew as an application platforms.... another proprietary piece of garbage to be sure you only buy software from Verizon. BTW --- Sprint has completed their billing conversion to a single billing platform for all Sprint and Nextel customers and will be the first to launch 4G and ATTs 3G network is growing by the day.

15. unregistered

how do you cripple bluetooth? idiot

16. unregistered

vzw cripples the bluetooth teathering option, they crippled it on the xv6800, i use to have it on the treo 700w

12. Bearxor unregistered

The big deal I see here is the addition of a power button. That's a first for Palm's WM Treos. Hopefully it means you can start streaming music over the internet and the press the standby button without the music stopping.

14. unregistered

Everybody knows Sprint will be the 1st to have this, they always have good smartphones though

17. unregistered

sprint wont have this bcuz they already have the 800w...more than likely go to Att, maybe VZW will get it down the line or some version of it

18. PoppiCycles unregistered

I've stuck with Palm through most glitches and models. I'm hooked on the interface. I've just found Sprint reception is poor in Duluth, MN. I might elect to go to 3x5 cards instead. Best of luck to the next costly generation.

19. unregistered

I'd love to see a version of this phone on Verizon. Unfortunately Verizon doesn't work at my house, but works well at work while Sprint is exactly the opposite and AT&T is crappy at both locations. Cant win.

20. johnny dough unregistered

I moved from a 6035 to 7135 which had terrible reception at my house to a Treo 650 which had mediocre but better reception, and now on a Treo 700w have great reception, also much better in my office. In this metro area, I doubt it is because of more cell towers. I tried the Dare but hated it after so many years with real keyboards and gave it back. I bought the 700wx on eBay to get ready for WM and have really liked it. I am running hacked 6.0 with NO problems, all in anticipation of VZW having the 800w. Now the Pro shows its face, and my only reservation is that it may have the Centro smushy keys, love the hard keys. I await an announcement daily. I am an early adapter. The point was, that newer phones MAY have better reception....

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